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Less is more is an expression that really fits our new collection Vintage Minimalism 👌🏼 With world-renowned artists from the early 1900th century such as Matisse, Rodin and Schiele, the pictures give a stylish and timeless impression that fits in all types of homes

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Women's suffrage had been raised in the Swedish Parliament several times sekpower shift but voted down. In 1909, universal male suffrage was introduced, which meant that the only people who were not allowed to vote, apart from women, were men who were in mental hospitals or in prison. Around Europa, the nordic countries and england women actively demonstrated for equal conditions. 

This motif is called The Voting Rights Game and is a fantastic and strong illustration that shows the women's movement's journey and progress in the early 1900th century. The suffrage game represents a dice game and was distributed as a postcard in 1910 to promote women's equality and suffrage. 

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