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We want to give life to history

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More than just posters

In a world where everything is about development and looking ahead, it can sometimes be good to stop and reflect on where we come from.

There are an incredible number of photos, paintings and illustrations in archives around the world. 

These are artists who hundreds of years ago put their soul into creating fantastic works and today many of these are forgotten in an archive.

What if Bauer, Strindberg or Billmark knew that, over 100 years later, their motifs would be some of our most popular and adorn the walls of hundreds of people around the Nordic region.  

This is exactly what we at Historly want to do, we want to give life to the story while we want to help our customers put something on the wall that means a little more than just decoration.

An authentic craft

Behind the images we have are hundreds of hours of research, retouching and design to give the works the treatment they deserve.

It is not easy to find in many of the archives that exist and sometimes we may have to go through thousands of pictures to find a real grain of gold.

Once we have found an image that we like, the work of restoring and retouching the image begins where damage is removed and colors are restored. This can sometimes take days.

Finally, work begins on the most important step - the story behind the image. For us, the picture is just part of the experience. Most pictures have a story that is worth highlighting. That is what makes us unique and why we can say that we offer more than just posters.

The world's most exclusive paper

We are very proud to only work with paper from Hahnemühle, one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine art paper.

The paper is called Hahnemühle Matt Fiber 200g and has a warm tone which gives the motifs a fantastic depth.

If you store our posters correctly, you can count on them lasting up to 60 years. 

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