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Print your own poster

NEW - Print your own poster

We want you as a customer to see Historly as a natural gathering place for everything that has to do with Historical pictures. That is why we are now launching a pilot service where you as a customer get the opportunity to print your own historical photos via us. For example, it could be a picture of a family member that you want to give away as a memory or an event that is close to your heart.

The pictures are printed on the same high-quality paper as our regular posters and have a shelf life of at least 60 years.

Image requirements for print

To be able to print the images on our sizes, we recommend that the image is at least 2000px wide, but the higher the resolution, the better the result. We will always optimize and color adjust your images before printing to achieve the best possible results.

We will make an assessment after you have sent the image to us and come back with which sizes we have the opportunity to print.

The sizes we currently offer are:

  • 30x40 - 320 kr
  • 40x50 - 420kr
  • 50x70 - 520 kr
  • 70x100 - 720 kr
  • 100x140 - 1200 kr 

Professional retouching

We also offer help with restoration of damaged and yellowed images. Depending on how damaged the image is, the cost may vary and sometimes the photo may be too damaged to be restored.

Write to us if the service is interesting and we will return with a cost proposal after we have seen the picture.

Artist, photographer and image holder 

It is important that you who upload the image own the full rights to the work or that it is classified as public property. We will not print images that we suspect are copyrighted. Read more about different image rights at

Email your picture directly to or use the contact form below and we will contact you shortly!