Our personal data policy

Privacy Policy

HISTORLY AB, corporate identity number 559215-5575 ("HISTORLY") values ​​your personal privacy and will always work to protect your personal information. HISTORLY must always comply with all laws and regulations for personal data protection. By taking part in our policy, you as a customer can understand what information we save and how we use it.

As part of our business, HISTORLY AB, org. No. 559215-5575 (hereinafter referred to in the document as "HISTORLY") in and uses personal information from the customers who interact with us via email, telephone or our website. It is of the utmost importance to us that the personal data we collect is not misused or disseminated to unauthorized persons. In this document, we go through how HISTORLY collects and handles personal data and what rights you as a registrant have.

If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, you can contact us whenever you want according to the information in point 7 contact information

There are three main purposes of our privacy policy:

  1. To clarify how we use personal information and information that you as a customer share with us via our various channels
  2. To ensure that you understand what we collect for information and what we use it for.
  3. To demonstrate our responsibility as a company to handle your information and rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Responsible for handling personal data

HISTORLY AB (organization number 559215-5575) is responsible for the processing of your personal data in line with this privacy policy.


2. Processing of your personal data

2.1 Where do we collect personal data?

We mainly collect personal information through our website when you either:

  • Placing an order or making a purchase on our website
  • Contact us via our contact form or email
  • Sign up for our newsletter

2.2 What information do we use?

In order for you as a customer to better understand what we use your personal information for, we describe below what information we save and what it is used for.

Customer service matters

Purpose: Handling customer service matters

  • Treatment
    • Communication with customers regarding customer service matters
    • Identification
    • Handling of support cases and complaints
    • Handling of guarantees and complaints
  • Types of personal data we handle in customer service:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Address
    • Order / case number
    • Previous communication / information
  • Legal reason: Legitimate interest to be able to provide good service to our customers
  • Shelf life: See section 2.4

Purchases, orders and deliveries

Purpose: Handling of purchases, orders and deliveries

  • Treatment
    • Communication with customers regarding purchases, orders and deliveries
    • Handling of invoices and payments
    • Handling of deliveries and shipping issues
  • Types of personal data we handle in purchases, orders and deliveries:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Address
    • Order / case number
    • Previously relevant communication / information
  • Legal reason: Legitimate interest to be able to sell and deliver to our customers
  • Shelf life: See section 2.4

Email marketing

Purpose: To be able to inform HISTORLY's customers about offers and other relevant information


  • Send email to customers on our mailing list

Types of personal data we handle for sending emails

  • Email address
  • Legal basis: When it comes to emails to our customers who have shopped from us or signed up for our email list, the processing constitutes a legitimate interestto market our products and offers.
  • Storage time: We store email addresses as long as the customer agrees, however a maximum of 5 years, otherwise the email address is permanently deleted by either unsubscribing from our newsletter or via contact with us

The analysis tool Lucky Orange 

This site uses the Lucky Orange analytics tool to improve usability and customer experience.

Lucky Orange can record navigation on the website in the form of mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling and page changes. All IP addresses are anonymized to protect your privacy. 

Lucky Orange does not track this activity on any other site that does not use Lucky Orange.

To view and manage data that Lucky Orange has collected about you historly.se or to deselect future tracking, visit the data management tool https://privacy.luckyorange.com/

For more information on Lucky Orange, visit https://www.luckyorange.com/privacy.php

Purpose: Management and optimization of the website from a customer perspective

  • Treatment
    • Study customers' behavior patterns on the website to identify problems and opportunities for improvement from a customer experience perspective
    • Use insights from above to drive and validate improvement initiatives on the website such as navigation opportunities, make important information available and the like. 
  • Types of personal data we handle in navigating the website: 
    • Mouse click
    • Mouse movements
    • Page scrolls
    • Navigation and page changes 
  • Legal reason: Legitimate interestto be able to gather insights with the aim of improving our visitors' user experience when they visit the website with a focus on ease and speed in use and navigation.
  • Shelf life: See section 2.4

2.4 How long we store your personal data

The storage time for different types of personal data varies depending on the purpose. If e.g. the basis is legal issues, we will save the personal data in accordance with current legal requirements. We also save your information for as long as we need to fulfill our customer commitment in the form of order management, support and delivery.

We save your personal information as long as we have a legitimate interest in doing so but a maximum of 5 years. This may be warranty matters, complaints or other recurring service for products purchased by the customer from HISTORLY.

2.5 Transfer of personal data to other countries

HISTORLY will always do our utmost to protect your personal privacy by handling your personal data with care and always ensure that the right protection measures from a country outside the EU / EEA are applied, it can e.g. be communication with our partners to mark the package with the recipient's address before shipping to Sweden. HISTORLY is responsible for ensuring that all transfers take place in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Ordinance and with HISTORLY ensuring your privacy.

2.6 Who can we share your personal information with

HISTORLY may share your information with other companies. Examples are, but are not limited to, suppliers, payment services and shipping companies. We always ensure that our external partners protect your privacy in accordance with current regulations.

We are also, by law, obliged to distribute personal data to authorities such as e.g. the tax authorities or the police.

3. How HISTORLY protects your personal data

HISTORLY will always take the security measures required by law to ensure that your personal data is not destroyed, lost or manipulated by unauthorized persons.

4. Cookies

www.HISTORLY.se uses cookies for different purposes. You can read more about these in our cookie policy which you will find on our page https://HISTORLY.se/villkor/

5. Your rights

When you as a customer submit your personal information to us, it is our obligation to only process personal information that is correct and relevant for our purpose as a company. We also have an obligation to be clear about your rights to check that we follow our guidelines regarding the handling of personal data. HISTORLY is, by law, responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed correctly.

You can contact us at any time to delete, correct, supplement or otherwise modify your stored personal information. HISTORLY will also act proactively to correct any inaccuracies we discover regarding your information.

As a registered user, you are entitled to the following based on the regulations laid down in the GDPR:

  • Getting your information corrected in the event of any errors
  • To have your information deleted if there are no legal reasons why HISTORLY needs to save your personal data, such as the obligation to keep accounts
  • To influence and limit the purposes for which HISTORLY uses your personal data
  • To request all your personal information from HISTORLY in a structured format
  • To be informed if there is an incident that means that your personal information ends up in the wrong hands
  • To, under certain conditions, have your personal data disclosed on a portable digital medium for transfer to another person responsible for personal data
  • To complain to the Data Inspectorate (Privacy Protection Authority) if you judge that our handling of your personal data is incorrect

If you have questions about the above points or want to exercise one or more of your rights, you can contact us for help.

We strive to process or delete data within 30 days at the request of the informant. If, as previously mentioned, we are unable to delete your data for legal reasons, we will notify you.

6. How to contact us

Get in touch hello@historly.com  or use our contact form if you have any questions or want to know more about how we handle your personal information.

7. Supervisory authority

The Data Protection Authority is the supervisory authority in Sweden that ensures and checks that companies that handle personal data comply with the Data Protection Ordinance. If you have a complaint about how HISTORLY processes your personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority on telephone number: 08-657 6100 or email: datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se