Common Crane

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Poster with a beautifulillustration of a crane drawn by the von Wright brothers. The illustration was published in the early 1900th century in the book Swedish Birds According to Nature And On Stone Drawn. In the picture we see, among other things, the text Grus Grus , latin for the name of the species. The crane is Västergötland's landscape animal and landscape bird. 

The crane is a large bird with a distinct sound that nests in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and parts of China and Russia. It arrives in the spring, has a spectacular game and gathers in large crowds. All this has led to the crane being a popular bird and appearing in many myths, folklore stories and as a symbol. 

In Aristotle's book History of the Animals he describes that the bird carries a stone inside its body. If the crane spews it up, the stone can turn things into gold, like the the philosopher's stone. Even in China, the crane has been associated with a long life. It has been described as the prince of all birds and the animal that carries dead souls to heaven.

In Northern Europe, the crane has been seen as a bringer of light in the spring. In the Nordic countries, there have been countless traditions surrounding the crane's arrival. For example, candles were no longer lit in the evening and in some places you would get an extra meal between dinner and supper. In the Nordic countries, there are also stories that magicians could turn into cranes, and that the crane could be the bird of the spirit Hin Onde and could magically avenge people why the bird was not to be harmed.

Artist: The von Wright brothers | Created: 1929.

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