Crayfish require these drinks!

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Poster with Crayfish require these drinks!, the no-page's most famous election poster in connection with the referendum on alcohol bans in Sweden. The illustration was created by Albert Engström in 1922.  

The referendum was held on August 27, 1922. It was a very even result but fell when 50,8% voted against the ban.

Instead of an alcohol ban, the so-called Bratt system continued with a counter book in order to reduce Swedes' alcohol consumption (1919-1955). You could only buy alcohol if you had been granted a counter book and the counter book stated how much you as a person could buy each monthHowever, strong beer could only be bought on prescription at pharmacies and there were suggestions that certain groups of alcoholics should be sterilized.

How much alcohol you were allowed to buy per month depended on your income, wealth, social position and your gender. As a rule, a married woman was not allowed to buy alcohol and the women who were granted were allowed to buy much less than men. People in the countryside were usually allowed to buy less than city dwellersFor many, the counter book became proof that they were accepted by society.

Curiosity: The artist Anders Zorn had to buy a total of 1919 liters of punch in 54 - more than twice as much as the average Swede's allocated ration. 

Artist: Albert Engström | Created: 1922

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