Sperm Whale

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Poster with old illustration of a sperm whale. The picture is from 1872 and was designed by Charles Melville Scammon. In the picture we see, among other things, the text Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) - English and Latin for the species. 

The sperm whale's fin can strike at a speed of three meters a second, which is fast enough to break the back of a killer whale. In the head, the sperm whale has a large organ which is filled with an oil-likesubstance. In the old days, whale hunters believed that the substance was whale's semen, which we know today is not the case. The function of the substance is unknown but due to the misunderstanding the whale is still called "sperm whale". The fictional whale Moby Dick was a white sperm whale.

Artist: Charles Melville Scammon | Created: 1872.

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Our posters and canvas comes from one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine art prints - Hahnemühle.


The 210g paper from Hahnemühle is matte with a texture and warm tone that gives the image a fantastic depth. Thanks to the unbeatable quality of the paper, you can count on a durability of up to 60 years if you avoid strong sunlight or other stress.


Our canvas is printed on Hahnemühle's exclusive 370g Art Canvas Smooth with a natural white tone and a fantastic color reproduction. Our canvas prints are as close as you can get to real art.

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