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Wall mural with a fabulous painting by John Bauer from 1915. The work is called Look at them, said the troll mother. Look at my sons! There are no more beautiful trolls on this side of the moon and was published with Walter Stenström's saga in the fairy tale collection Bland Tomtar och Troll. 

In the picture we see the beautiful princess sitting on a rock deep in a forest. She is surrounded by trolls from the gray mountains that have captured her. The troll mother is so fond of the princess that she wants to marry her off to one of her sons. A young man is on his way and manages to save the princess with the help of a spell he has picked up through his journey in the big forest.

John Bauer's interpretation of the trolls as a natural being is clear in their true-to-nature shapes and colors. The contrast to the princess represents innocence and naivety. Bauer's works have shaped generations of children and their perceptions of the forest and its various fairy tale creatures. He has therefore had a great influence on Nordic folklore and storytelling. Curious to know more about trolls? Read more here: The Trolls of Domberget.

Artist: John Bauer | Created: 1915

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The 210g paper from Hahnemühle is matte with a texture and warm tone that gives the image a fantastic depth. Thanks to the unbeatable quality of the paper, you can count on a durability of up to 60 years if you avoid strong sunlight or other stress.


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